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There is a curiosity and admiration for the Ancient Egyptians that still exists today: we marvel at the Pyramids, and love to hear all the stories about the Ancient Gods and Goddesses, which overflow into current Pagan and Wiccan traditions. The Ancient Egyptians gave us so much - and not just cool eye make-up, a sand dance and a good plot for a Carry On film - they started a writing system of hieroglyphics and pictograms far in advance of other cultures at the time, as well as developing a magificent political and social hierachy. They gave us calendars, papyrus to write on, which you could also wear as sandals (a useful way of never forgetting your shopping list) and they gave us the first razor blades - amazing! With all that in mind, we have some fab Zodiac Necklaces associated with an Egyptian God or Goddess, as well as some symbolic Eye of Horus Necklaces and Ankh Jewellery & Gifts that we hope you will enjoy.

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