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Crystal Gemstone Birthstones have been used for centuries to encourge good health, good luck, prosperity and longevity to the wearer because crystals ground and amplify their energies to us. Sometimes they are chosen for their colour and association to the Zodiac type, ie blue for Water Signs, red for Fire signs, green for Earth signs, and yellow for Air signs. Some Birthstones are assigned to a Zodiac sign because of their Planetary correspondence. Crystal Birthstones will also vary with each cultural tradition, and will even correspond to the days of the week that you were born on.

So we have taken into account as much information as we could find for you, and brought together all the Crystals that we have available into their corresponding Zodiac sign to make it easier for you. We have also added a paragraph about the "healing properties" of each Crystal Gemstone on each of the product pages. As a good rule of thumb, we say that if you feel drawn to a particular Crystal either for its colour or healing properties, or even because it evokes happy memories for you - then that is the crystal for you for right now, even if it is not your Birthstone, it will still work for you. If you are buying a Gemstone gift for someone, think about what colour they wear most, or if you think the healing crystal properties will benefit them. And if you are not sure - please feel free to Contact Us