About Tribes And Vibes

TRIBES AND VIBES is run by Paul and his lovely partner of 25 years, Terri


All of us are on our own spiritual journey through life, and we each seek that which we can connect to emotionally, physically and intellectually, in order to express our own Truth. Both of our paths started within a traditional church upbringing, but it left both of us with so many unanswered questions and grey areas that we began to look at the belief systems of other cultures and ancient tribes, in an attempt to make sense of those eternal questions that we all have: "Who am I", "What am I", and "Why am I here" ...

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls
Universe Rainbow Smile

Our intuition has grown over the years through meditation, crystal healing, Life's experience, as well as inviting the Angels & Archangels into our lives, and acknowledging the help of various Divine beings who came through to help us to learn to listen to our inner voice. As we became more aware and trusting of the internal dialogue, we both felt more able to rely on it to guide us. Both Terri and I have no spiritual preference or prejudice: we respect and honour all, and believe that we are all united by a universal Divine Spirit, which we call by different names. We are all bound together by the creation of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. We are guided by the Love of the Divine Benevolence, whether we choose to see it or not :o)

It occured to us that there may be others who were also looking for answers within the gifts that the Divine has provided for us (Crystals, for example) or, having found a Spiritual path, needed to decorate their sacred space with meaningful symbols, and have 'tools' available in order to journey further and deeper ... and so TRIBES AND VIBES was born on Ebay in 2007, and has helped thousands of wonderful customers who have all left positive feedback.

Glastonbury Tor at Dawn
Path through the Woods

Since Paul started his own journey and acknowledged the Gifts that have been given to him, he is now more comfortable talking with others about their path and their own gifts. In the past, he would have been too nervous to express his Truth for fear of ridicule and judgement. We have all been Blessed in some way and need to responsibly share our abilities without the fear of recrimination, criticism, or judgement from others. Both of us have an affinity with crystals. Neither of us are Certificated practitioners, but we do understand you and the crystals. Folks say that we have an uncanny knack of getting it just right. Our answer to that is that we are just doing what we are told to do by a higher Spirit ...

PEACE AND LIGHT ~ we are asked why we use this phrase "Peace and Light" at the end of our messages. These are things that we wish for everyone. "Peace", not only in its obvious sense, but also to mean acknowledgement of love and guidance from the Divine. And "Light" stands for love, awareness, tolerance, joy, inner strength and enlightenment.

Peace can be felt within, Light is something that you can pass on to others.

Peace at the Water's Edge
Sheep and Rainbows

Terri has also been walking her Path, sometimes through gritted teeth but always questioning, always in search and always learning the lessons that have been presented to her over the years. She is a Reiki Practitioner and an Artist. She has a marvellous intuition, and an ability to see through the falseness and illusion that Life can sometimes present to us. She produces all the photos for the webite, is awesome with the business admin & website design, and shares the day to day running of the business. Her unswerving support, inspiration and love over the years is what made Tribes and Vibes come to life. Without her, Paul would still be wondering if it were at all possible.

You can also purchase some of Terri's unique photo prints or have it printed on clothing and gifts via her Redbubble shop Terri Robertson / WalksWithAngels. This is a new aspect of Tribes And Vibes so please support her, if only to buy a greetings card, or spiral notebook :o)

About Our Crystals & Gemstones

All of our Crystals & Gemstones have been ethically sourced from suppliers around the world who we have known and traded with for years. They are authentic Crystals from suppliers who supply the industry, and whose own businesses and credentials rely on being trustworthy, responsible and authentic.

Each piece of Jewellery or gemstone will be unique to you because each Crystal is unique. Please do not confuse gemstone crystals with Swarovski type crystals because our crystals are manufactured by Mother Nature and will have small surface pits, and visible internal crystalline structures, which is part of the joy of Gemstones!

About our Packaging

We have tried to move away from plastic packaging wherever we can, and have replaced most of it with eco-friendly alternatives which you can recycle. Most of our Pewter Necklaces come in a plastic sleeve as supplied by the manufacturer, so check your local recycling for clear plastic. Wherever we need use a grip seal bag to protect Crystals, Bracelets etc in transit, we have sourced potato-starch and non-plastic bags wherever they are available to us. We also re-use all the packaging that comes to us from our suppliers - so some paper wrapping will be creased, the bubble wrap has been used once already, and the 1mm foam is eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Reviews for Tribes And Vibes

Here are some of our latest reviews from FreeIndex.

Photographic Copyright - all of the photos on this page, including Niagara Falls/Maid of the Mist image were taken by Terri. The Falls were truly awesome - it has that otherworldliness that can sometimes be revealed to you - it left a lasting memory within my Soul.

That's it, just us! So you can always rely on us for personal service, and please go easy on us during the busy times of the year :o)

Whatever your chosen Path, may Peace, Light and Blessings surround you always and all ways ...

Terri & Paul x