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  2. Garnet crystal gemstones Jewellery Pendants BraceletsSo let's start with a wee bit of history about Garnet because we can trace back the use of red Garnet in Jewellery and artefacts for thousands of years.

    • Apparently Noah used Garnet and other gemstones to illuminate the Ark according to some biblical texts.
    • The tombs of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs revealed Garnet in their necklaces presumably for use in the afterlife.
    • In ancient Rome, Garnet rings were carved with the bearer’s mark to stamp the wax that secured important documents.
    • By the 1st century AD, red Garnets were among the most widely traded gems.
    • We know from the “Staffordshire Hoard” which dates to the 5th or 6th centuries that Garnet was often used to intricately adorn sword hilts and Jewellery.
    • By the Middle Ages they were prized by the clergy and nobility and the discovery of the Bohemian Garnet deposits in Europe set off an industry that reached its peak in the late 1800s.

    Buy why is it so prized? Here are 12 Good Reasons ...

    1. In ancient and medieval times, the symbolism of colour played an important part in the use of particular stones for particular diseases. Red stones tended to be associated with blood, and were thought to be remedies for haemorrhages of all kinds, as well as for treating inflammatory diseases. Garnets were worn to re-energise, to enhance bodily strength and to encourage vitality, and they are still used for those reasons today.

    2. Garnet is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel, especially from thieves, which would have included travelling clergy, soldiers and nobility in earlier times.

    3. Speaking of clergy, soldiers and nobility, Garnet was and is still seen as a powerful stone for career success. It encourages people to work with you and creates successful business relationships - extremely useful, then, if you were trying to conquer a new territory, or become a captain of industry. Today, if you are just looking for any career advancement, carry Garnet with you during the interview process or in the office.

    4. As a birthstone for January, Garnet is said to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship. Garnets used to be exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection and to ensure that they meet again.

    5. Garnet is traditionally gifted on 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries.

    6. Garnet is a stone for New Beginnings, for starting new life patterns and choices, new ways of thinking and seeing the world around you.

    Garnet Crystal Chips Bracelet

    7. Garnet is a stone for manifesting abundance – plenty … a lot of something – and not just money, 50’000 social media followers, cars, houses and holidays, but a lot of the good things in life like good health, good friends, healthy lifestyle, lots of good lifestyle choices. Whatever you need a lot of in Life, use Garnet to manifest it.

    8. Garnet is attuned to the heart chakra and represents enduring love for oneself and for others. It purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.

    9. Garnet will help you to overcome depression, resistance to change or new ideas, and self-sabotage. It aids in letting go of useless or old ideas. It will see you through challenges, bringing hope and trust in yourself and the situation you are facing.

    10. Garnet alleviates emotional disharmony by removing inhibitions, anger and discord. It is a calming influence, and protects the wearer from being affected by the unwanted energy of others – great for empaths!

    11. When placed on the Third Eye Chakra, Garnet can help with past life recall.

    12. In healing Garnet treats spinal and cellular disorders, blood disorders, inflammation and aids in the assimilation of minerals and vitamins.


    (ok, so maybe that's 13 good reasons)

    In Conclusion

    There are other forms of different coloured Garnet, which have slightly different healing properties to red Garnet, but essentially they are very similar. It is as prized today as it was in Ancient times, it is still as beautiful in our Jewellery, and it will grace your Crystal altar bringing love, abundance, good health, positivity and balance in mind, body and spirit.

    Where to buy: to view all of our Garnet items at TRIBES AND VIBES, please visit the Zodiac Birthstone categories here, or click on the Zodiac links above.

    Love, Light and Blessings,

    Terri x

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  3. Anubis Egyptian zodiac pendant necklace 25 July to 28 August

    Happy Birthday to the Zodiac sign of Leo!  Do you walk like an Egyptian, love to say Hatshepsut when you sneeze, and love all things Pharoah? We thought you might, and so do we, which is why when we found a range of Egyptian Zodiac Necklaces a few years ago, we decided that we would definitely have to stock them as a totally cool and awesome alternative to the usual Zodiac signs.

    The Egyptian dates are different to the traditional Zodiac, so there is some overlap between the signs. Our Anubis Necklace, for example, is mostly for Leo but also overlaps with the early Virgo dates.

  4. black tourmaline crystals gemstone jewellery tumbled stones

    Not just a birthstone, Black Tourmaline is also a healing and protecting stone for anyone who feels drawn to it's strong earthy energy.

    BLACK TOURMALINE or Schorl is a Shamanic stone that protects during ritual. It grounds energy, increases physical vitality and connects with the base chakra. Tourmaline protects against negative energy, spells & ill-wishing, psychic attack and it disperses tension and stress. It promotes a laid-back positive attitude, balanced with clear and objective thought, and practical creativity. In healing it strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia, provides pain relief, and can help with arthritis and spinal problems. Tourmaline also defends against electromagnetic emanations (PCs, Mobile/Cell phones etc).

    Black Tourmaline is a  Zodiac Birthstone for TAURUS, GEMINI & CAPRICORN - click on any of these Zodiac links to see all of our Tourmaline items.

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  5. tigers eye crystal healing jewellery birthstone taurus gemini leo capricorn

    TIGERS EYE has long been regarded as a protective stone. It is said to assist you to recognise your needs and the needs of others, and will help with decision-making. It heals emotional issues of self-worth, self-criticism, lack of motivation and blocked creativity. It overcomes negative and addictive behaviours. Tiger’s Eye can alleviate pain, treats eye and throat conditions; and may be beneficial for the reproductive system. It is associated with the Third Eye & Lower Chakras.

    In addition, RED TIGERS EYE like most red coloured crystals, can increase drive and motivation in all physical and reproductive areas of the body, and it may be beneficial for the metabolism.

    To find all of our Tigers Eye items, please click on any of the Zodiac links below:

    All forms of TIGERS EYE are Zodiac Birthstones for TAURUS, GEMINI, LEO, CAPRICORN