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CALCITE is a powerful cleanser of negative energies (especially for the lower chakras). It lifts your energy levels, has the ability to combat laziness, and make you more positive especially if you have lost hope or motivation. At the same time, Calcite can also calm the mind - it helps you “to see the wood for the trees” and aids fast spiritual development, as much as fast learning and retention of knowledge (great for anyone who needs to study!)  Calcite is an uplifting and active stone that replaces emotional stress with serenity, brings joy and trust to your environment, and has the ability to help you get things done! In healing, Calcite cleanses organs of elimination, encourages calcium uptake and it alleviates intestinal probs such as IBS.

In addition to the above, ORANGE and YELLOW CALCITE are linked to the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras, and is therefore a useful crystal for enhancing meditation and your will, for stimulating the higher mind, and for connecting to higher spiritual guidance.

MANGANO (Pink) CALCITE is a crystal for the heart releasing fear, grief and anxiety/tension thereby allowing love, self-worth, self-acceptance and forgiveness to return. Calcite helps you to develop and increase your spiritual and psychic awareness. It strengthens the bones and the uptake of calcium, but dissolves calcifications. It alleviates skin and intestinal conditions, fortifies the immune system and stimulates tissue healing and blood clotting.

CALCITE is a Zodiac Birthstone for PISCES, GEMINI, CANCER & LEO

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