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Millions of years ago when the Earth was forming itself, volcanoes were erupting left right and centre, then we had 5 Ice Ages - dont confuse this with the films - we've had 5 significant Ice Ages on the Earth. During all that explosiveness, ice cracking, water all over the place, there was a lot of "chemistry" happening on the Earth - lots of combined minerals, gases and atoms, were all heated and frozen, folded and flattened out, to form the crystals inside the huge mountains and ravines that we know today. Then we had trees/foliage growing and dying back and dinosaurs stamping it all down, and it formed layers and layers of "compost" over the eons, which added more layers and minerals to the Earth. The Crystals you see here are not glass, or manufactured Swarovski type crystals, these ones have taken millions of years to arrive here at Tribes And Vibes. They are natural rocks hewn from the Earth. These are part of Mother Nature, so there will be surface pits and cracks, and visible internal structures for the clearer crystals.

Every effort has been made to capture the colours of the Tumbled Stones as faithfully as possible - we believe these are a good representation of our stock. Your monitor or screen resolution settings may affect the colours slightly. Click on "More Info" to see detailed photos of each item.

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