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AMETRINE combines the spirituality of Amethyst with the warmth and optimistic energy of Citrine. It connects the physical realm with the higher consciousness, facilitating greater healing and divination. Because of its formation of Amethyst and Citrine together, and as separate entities within the crystal, it allows us to recognise and reconcile apparent contradictions in ourselves and others. Mentally it brings clarity, harmony and action/solutions. Emotionally it clears negative blockages and old negative programming by helping you to understand the underlying cause of the distress. It’s a powerful cleanser of negativity from the aura as well as toxins from the body. It energises, strengthens the immune system and heals depression, lethargy, tension headaches, ulcers, stress, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). AMETRINE is a Zodiac Birthstone for LIBRA

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