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FLUORITE is usually seen in shades of deep purple, blue, green, light purple, pink, and clear stripes. It is quite a "soft" stone, often with visible internal crystalline structures, and some surface "flaws" which are just the end result of polishing one of the crystalline structures. Fluorite is an extremely protective stone at both psychic and physical levels.  It will protect you from computer and other electromagnetic emanations; it draws off negativity; and cleanses, purifies and reorganises anything in the body that is not in order. Fluorite is associated with progress and getting things organised and done. It is an excellent learning aid: helping you to absorb new information and promoting quick thinking. On a healing level, Fluorite is a powerful stone, dealing with infections and disorders: teeth, bones, cells, sinuses, respiratory troubles, viruses, joins, rheumatism, arthritis, and nerve related pain. FLUORITE is a Zodiac Birthstone for AQUARIUS, PISCES & CAPRICORN

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