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LAVA STONE (also known as Vesicular Basalt, or Basaltic Scoria) is cooled molten lava from volcanic eruptions. The tiny holes or vesicles are the result of gases which formed bubbles in the liquid magma, and were "frozen" in place as the magma cooled into lava. Lava is associated with the Earth Star and Base Chakra, and helps us to connect to Mother Nature. It is highly protective, and grounding, and is often associated with fertility - of the mind and body. It helps you to increase your self-perception and awareness of your own well-being, to be more resilient under pressure, it stabilizes mood swings and emotions - it literally helps you go with the flow - enabling you to release anxiety and tension in the body, especially in the lower Chakras. Lava Stone is said to ease stiffness in the joints and muscles, and warm the limbs. LAVA STONE can be worn by anyone, it is not associated with any particular Zodiac Birth Sign

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