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SUGILITE is a rare New Age crystal. Spiritually it allows us to maintain our own point of view, and to live in accordance with our own inner truth despite pressure from outside influences to change. For those working with past lives, spiritual quests and for Lightworkers, Sugilite reminds the soul why it re-incarnated, and allows wisdom, spiritual awareness, love and understanding to come into the situation. It helps ground the soul to the Earth, so is useful for anyone that does not feel that they belong here. An excellent crystal for overcoming learning difficulties, Sugilite is helpful to those with Autism or Dyslexia. As a stone of Love, Sugilite draws off negative energies, opens the Chakras, alleviates grief, despair, conflict and emotional turmoil. It is an excellent pain-reliever for many conditions, particularly brain and nerve related illness. SUGILITE is a Zodiac Birthstone for VIRGO & SAGITTARIUS

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