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ANGELITE (also known as blue Anhydrite) is a stone of awareness and peace. It is formed from compressed Celestite and shares many of the same properties. Angelite helps us to discover or enhance intuition, astral travel, telepathy and psychic gifts, and enables us to connect with the Angelic realm, Spirit Guides and the Higher Self, thereby increasing our spiritual awareness and experience. Angelite is all about finding peace (by transmuting pain) and being at peace, especially with things that you cannot change. It heals pain and disorder into wholeness. It's a good stone for healers because it deepens attunement and increases perception. Try meditating with Angelite if you are trying to connect with your Guardian Angel. In healing, Angelite resonates with the throat and throat chakra, helping with problems with the thyroid and throat areas. It can also assist with weight control, heals tissue & blood vessels, lungs and balances body fluids. ANGELITE is a Birthstone for AQUARIUS

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